Tattoos by Jaydee

Unique Custom Tattoos

Jaydee has been tattooing professionally in the Indianapolis area since 1991, most recently at Voluta Tattoo at the Stutz. He also spent almost 5 years working along side some of the most talented tattoo artists on the West Coast at Jeremiah Barba’s Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach.

Jaydee works by appointment only and offers consultations in the shop or anywhere else that is convenient for you.  The consultation phase allows for a more personal, one on one experience without distractions.  It ensures that you are involved in the creative process and that all details and options are thoroughly discussed before finalizing your design and ultimately applying the ink. Consultations with Jaydee can be booked via email.

Tattoo Memorial Portraits of Honored Family or Beloved Pets

A true creative with no limitations, Jaydee is an expert in portraits, realism and Asian designs.  He loves Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Black Sails and anything and everything pet related! View the gallery below and get an idea of the style and breadth of the tattoos he has designed. Shoulders, backs, sleeves, legs, chest pieces and more with variations as personal as each of his clients. If you have ideas, you can bring them in or attach images via email. We always welcome samples, as a way of ensuring we are on the same page in terms of images, quality and style. If you have a cover-up or tattoo repair or refresh, he would be glad to take a look and suggest options.

Indianapolis Artist and Musician

Jaydee is also a very talented musician and has played professionally both locally and nationally for decades.  He plays multiple musical instruments and is in the midst of a demanding recording project. When he is not recording music or tattooing, he spends time with his lovely wife, 4-year-old stepson and wonderful dog Belmont.


Email me to ask any questions or to book a free consultation:

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