Johnny did my daughter’s tattoo and he was awesome! It was her first tat and treated her with such care and respect, it made me so happy! Johnny Ronin rocks!

Chad was absolutely fantastic. One thing that stood out to me was his absolute mastery of color and his dedication to an immaculately clean work space.

My brother took me it looks cool and the people there are cool

Cody Petree reviewed Untitled Ink — 5 star

October 15

Johnny R. is a class act and is very informal, but still extremely professional. He gives off the vibe that you know you’re in good hands, but you still have a great time like you’re out with friends. Super drawing and tattooing skill and excellent communication and friendly. Everyone in the shop was sincere and honest and fun. You’ll enjoy getting tattooed in this homey place. Get it, because it’s a house turned into a tattoo shop? 😏

Samantha Marie Dice reviewed Untitled Ink — 5 star

Yesterday I came in to get my very first tattoo, I had decided to get it on my foot which we all know hurts like hell. Lol but Justin did really well with me, and tried talking me through it which made me feel much better. When he drew up my tattoo It was everything I wanted and more, I couldn’t have asked for a better first tattoo, plus the shop is very clean. I would definitely recommend untitled ink to my friends, thank you justin for my beautiful tattoo!

Joyful Lynn reviewed Untitled Ink — 5 star

May 15, 2016

I’ve been going to Johnny Ronin for about 4 years now. He’s done my entire left arm sleeve and various other pieces for myself and my friends. Always professional, always cares about cleanliness, and always amazing and beautiful artwork. Not only am I in love with the work, but people stop and compliment it all the time. Job well done above and beyond every time.

Brooklynn Shull reviewed Untitled Ink — 5 star

March 28

The whole staff is so friendly and fun! Johnny hooked me up with some AMAZING pieces of art! He’s great at listening and creating an AWESOME piece of artwork. So happy to have come here, and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new tattoo.

7 months ago

So far so good!! My wife got some art work (just a touch up and some lettering a few years back) and was pleased. And I am also getting some done as well and up until now it’s been a really great experience.

The place is clean and inviting. The staff are moderately friendly and welcoming, not overly annoying or anything.

My artist was willing to work with what I gave him, but added his professional insight and really has made my piece unique and even better than I had imagined.

I’m excited to pass this on to anyone looking for a unique experience that isn’t trendy or flash.