Tattoos by Chad Fearnow

Creativity, Color Use and Technique make these Indy Tattoos Unique

Chad began his career sixteen years ago in body piercing. One day, eight years ago, inspired by his colleagues, he decided to tattoo himself and from that point on, a whole new world opened up for him.  He fell in love with the craft and never looked back.

Chad loves the creativity that comes with tattooing, the lack of monotony and absolutely thrives on new challenges. The more diverse the project the more he is driven to execute it. He loves precision, diversity and collaborating with clients to create the art for their vision. He is dedicated to putting forth every effort to make your tattoo the best it can be, whilst consistently pushing his own boundaries to new levels.  

Creative Cartoon Tattoos with Color Blends

If you want whimsy, off the wall, just plain fun tattoos, check out Chad’s gallery. Tattoos should make a statement and your tattoo should mean something to you. Chad LOVES: Comic books (think Preacher, Calvin & Hobbs), silent films (think The man who laughs, circa 1928), Anime (think Hellsing), folklore, vampires and creatures of the night.  He is an avid collector and even has a signed first edition of “The Crow”!

But his absolute favorite character is the Joker.  Why? “He is insane, but sane. I too, enjoy observing the chaos.”

Chad joined Untitled Ink one year ago after stints at other Indy shops. He loves the “old house vibe” and making clients feel at home. If you would like a repair, a refresh, a tattoo cover up or a totally new tattoo, Chad takes walk-ins and appointments. We recommend a consultation first so send Chad an email anytime to make contact!

When Chad is not at the shop he spends time with his wife and two boys (aged 22 and 12!)  He also dabbles in painting and leatherwork to help him relax.

Chad’s motto is simple: “I want to have fun every day.” Well, who doesn’t?!

Please email me any time with questions or to book your free consultation: