Tattoos by Darrin Spells

I specialize in blackwork with a conceptual touch, Single needle realism, traditional, blackened grey and stipple work. I make flash daily so theres always something new and original to choose from to help tell your story. Always trying to push the envelope and make each tattoo one of a kind.

As the great Ghostface Killah said “Art is a mirror.” There are so many thing in life that we overlook everyday that either remind us of good/bad times, the struggle, the come up, and even the victory lap. My job is to make art and build a composition reflecting so. Building and refining your aesthetic is what I do. I
make constant flash that tell a story on each sheet that are reminiscent of a vignette.

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana born and raised. Making art has always been a prerequisite of daily life whether it be painting, film, drawing, even cooking. Avid music lover/ collector. Automobile Racing enthusiast (JGTC, GT Touring, Formula 1, Drifting). JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) is life.

When I’m not tattooing I’m usually making art while listening to Cam’Ron and Gary Numan. You can also find me making Lamb chops and Risotto in Gucci Flip Flops. Watching Paid in Full and Le Mans, or breaking ankles
and getting buckets while keeping up with the NBA and the NASDAQ market.

“There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.” ~ Lou Reed

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