Tattoos by Dudley

Dudley is a tattooer of 7 years who joined Untitled Ink in 2023. He’s spent the entirety of his life growing up in tattoo parlors and has had an infatuation with tattoos since he was little.

Dudley is from Indy, but has spent the past couple of years traveling from state to state looking to learn as much as he can from the fantastic artists he’s surrounded himself with. Dudley’s personal goal with tattooing is to try to accumulate as much knowledge as he can while still upholding and respecting the values of tattooing and the core values of traditional tattooers. His mission with tattooing is to make getting tattoos fun and simple.

He still takes walk-ins just about everyday. He books himself out week to week to make himself accessible to everybody.

Dudley has the value that he is never too good, or too busy, to tattoo anyone: “Big or small i do em all.”

He finds himself doing a lot of Americana tattoos but loves tattoos of all natures, from ornamental, Japanese, black and grey, Dudley just loves tattoos. When he’s not tattooing he is generally drawing or has paintings he’s working on.

Dudley also enjoys reading, going to punk shows, enjoying a nice cold beer, or hanging out with his dog.

Email me to ask any questions or to book a free consultation: