Tattoos by Johnny Ronnin

Bold Colors, Graphic Representation and Above all, Original

Raised on the north side, Johnny is a bold graphic artist whose sense of wonder and creativity show through in his bright and imaginative style. Johnny came to Untitled Ink in 2013 as an apprentice and today applies the skills he learned as both an artist and the shop manager.

When he’s not at the shop, Johnny enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family, friends and dogs. Johnny also loves to spend time in the kitchen where he hones his creative skills cooking for friends and family.

Johnny takes a client-forward approach, putting every client first, to ensure they have a tattoo that they will be happy with for a life time. He loves meeting new people, listening to their stories and the challenge that comes with bringing the ideas expressed to life on skin. His favorite tattoos are the ones that provoke thoughtfulness, inspire healing and improve peoples’ lives both physically and mentally.

Graphic Representation with Color and Contrast

Johnny prefers graphic designs to photo-realism and loves to play with colors and contrast. Bright purples and greens are a common theme in his tattoos. He also has a unique take on watercolor tattoos. He also enjoys working neo traditional, Japanese or asian, and biomechanic styles.

Johnny says “I love tattooing because of the impact it has on people’s lives. Our body is the most personal thing we have and one of the things we have the least control of. I look at myself as a servant. Tattooing as one of the ways we reclaim our bodies making us feel more whole by manifesting and expressing our inner selves on the outside. My job is to bring your dreams to life.”

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