Tattoos by Micah

Micah Faulkner’s background is in COMIC BOOK ART; he spent most his childhood and teen years learning to draw superheroes and explosions when he was supposed to be taking French notes and doing algebra homework. He got pretty good though, good enough that he was publishing comics by age 18. This was back in the comic boom of the 90s.

Soon after, Micah ended up in Ball State’s art program and found himself in the village tattoo shop, The Ouch! Gallery. He got snatched up into an apprenticeship at a time when being a strong and fast artist was a rarity and fell in love with the medium.

The intimacy of tattooing is so raw. Micah loves the crazy journey of developing the concept into a design, and then the adventure of the tattooing process itself. The artist and the canvass take that trip together.

It’s unlike any other artistic expression in the world because it’s dual and visceral.

Since then, Micah’s done fine art, logo design, illustration, and – yes, more comic book work. Because of those, he has a strong DESIGN SENSE, but also the hard technical skills to get the work done.

Micah’s favorite styles are ILLUSTRATIVE WORK and ANIMAL PORTRAITURE.


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What Michah’s Clients are Saying:

I am a very nervous person when it comes to tattoos and Micah made the whole process a breeze! He made sure I was comfortable and good before he moved on and definitely cares about how his clients feel! 
I got a line tattoo of my horse with his nose marking and some flowers and it was just perfect! 
Brooke Esposito 
I love all the tattoos Micah has done for me! My favorite is still the tulip he did in honor of my grandma, which is the first I got from him. I also love the circular gallifreyan on my back (even if circles suck to tattoo). 
Sam Myers
Faulkner did an amazing job with my tattoo. I felt calm my entire session as we caught up chatting about our lives. Hands down recommend him for any intricate detail or special tattoos. He’s definitely my only tattoo artist from now on!
Katie Heim
I went to Untitled Ink for my very first tattoo because a friend recommended them to me. Micah was a blast to hang out with and made me feel super comfortable. My tattoo took around 30 minutes and looked absolutely amazing. It took a week to heal and I definitely will be back!
Jenna Moore
I had a great experience at Untitled Ink! I’ve been to a couple tattoo shops around Indy and haven’t found my “home.” After walking out of my appointment with Micah, I knew I’d found it! He was great at helping me figure out what I wanted before the process. While tattooing, he threw on some music, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and it was a blast! Watching his work was incredible, and we had some great conversation. He also went into detail on how I should handle aftercare. Of my three tattoos, this one has healed the smoothest with absolutely no issues, and it’s even the only color tattoo I have! It’s my favorite tattoo now. The price was more than reasonable and more than worth it, so I’d recommend Micah and Untitled Ink to anyone!
Julia Mumford
Micah Faulkner is a genuine artist, and brings a level of experience and mastery to tattoo art that surpassed my expectations—which are high. He was able to take my vision and meticulously transform what started as a vague feeling —an intention of what I wanted— into a dynamic image illustrating depth, story, and beauty. I would recommend Micah to anyone looking for an artist who can translate the unreal into a living and breathing tattoo to take pride in and love for life.
Natasha Bragg