Tattoos by Micah

Micah Faulkner’s background is in COMIC BOOK ART; he spent most his childhood and teen years learning to draw superheroes and explosions when he was supposed to be taking French notes and doing algebra homework. He got pretty good though, good enough that he was publishing comics by age 18. This was back in the comic boom of the 90s.

Soon after, Micah ended up in Ball State’s art program and found himself in the village tattoo shop, The Ouch! Gallery. He got snatched up into an apprenticeship at a time when being a strong and fast artist was a rarity and fell in love with the medium.

The intimacy of tattooing is so raw. Micah loves the crazy journey of developing the concept into a design, and then the adventure of the tattooing process itself. The artist and the canvass take that trip together.

It’s unlike any other artistic expression in the world because it’s dual and visceral.

Since then, Micah’s done fine art, logo design, illustration, and – yes, more comic book work. Because of those, he has a strong DESIGN SENSE, but also the hard technical skills to get the work done.

Micah’s favorite styles are ILLUSTRATIVE WORK and ANIMAL PORTRAITURE.


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