What Our Clients are Saying:

“I was tattooed by Johnny. He is a great artist and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I continue to come back because of the good prices, good company, and overall good atmosphere.” ~Tamie Hiatt


“Johnny has been my artist for 8 of my 9 tattoos. My favorite part of the experiences would be the conversations I have with Johnny during my pieces. I keep coming to him because he really makes you feel welcome and helps you make the best choices for your body.” ~Wayman F.


“I’ve always liked tattoos and as someone who just moved to Indiana, Untitled Ink was my first choice. I was able to walk over and get in right away. It was some months later that I became great friends with Johnny and am now on my 7th piece. Untitled is my tattoo home. I can text Johnny and he is always there to help. Along with that, the work is unparalleled and the atmosphere is indescribable.” ~Henry Reed



“Johnny was was my artist. It was a great experience because Johnny is always open to ideas and makes the experience fun and enjoyable.” I keep coming back because of the amazing artwork and atmosphere!” ~Erika



“My artist was Johnny, who is a pretty good friend of mine. The best part of the experience was Johnny’s ability to work with you to get what you want. He is pretty cool and he knows how to have fun. The artists at Untitled get personal with you. They’re really friendly and know how to build relationships with their clients.” ~Jon McCoy



“Chad was my artist. His willingness to sit and discuss mine and his art really made the experience great. I keep coming back because Chad is always willing to take my ideas and make them into great art.” ~Kasie Young



“I heard about Untitled because it was close to my work and it’s in the Broad Ripple ‘family’ neighborhood. I got a tattoo from Johnny. Considering that I was getting a piece on my butt, I thought it would be really awkward. However, Johnny was very professional and made sure that I was comfortable. I’ll definitely be coming back!” ~Alissa



“I’ve been going to John since he started tattooing. My sleeve has been a 5 year work in progress. I’ve followed him to 3 different shops until he landed at Untitled. I love the atmosphere of the shop. We have a friendship going and always talk about our lives when we see each other for a session. We’ve built a pretty awesome tattoo-client relationship! We haven’t quite finished my sleeve just yet so I’ll keep coming back for that. I love John’s style and his use of color. I’m an extremely colorful person, which he knows, and always incorporates that into my pieces.” ~Joy Harrell





“I found Untitled just by walking in one day. I really just enjoyed all of the creativity. My artist was Johnny, he really helps make the whole experience relaxing and makes sure that the tattoos are just what I have in mind.  The shop is overall so welcoming and the artists are willing to work with any body part, along with all being very nice.” ~ Lea McAlister